Created by Dr. Vinicius Fornazari, RAINTER offers specialized medical treatments and health education

How professional healthcare, we keep:
Mission: SAVE LIVES, preserve health and quality of life of their patients by performing a high-quality medicine linked to ethics and responsibility.
Vision: expand the specialty to new cores, expanding our mission, and preserving ours.
Values: quality, ethics, humanization, commitment and responsibility.

How healh educator, we keep:
Mission: SAVE LIVES, transforming content into knowledge and action.
Vision: become a leader in transforming content into consolidated knowledge
Values: Ethics, credibility, creativity and loyalty to the mission.

Interventional Radiology and Endovascular Surgery are medical subspecialties that execute minimally invasive procedures, guided by radiological image, aiming for the diagnose, treatment and assistance on other specialties, treating diseases in almost all organic systems.

Conceptually, interventional radiology procedures provide fewer risk, less pain and less recovery time, comparing to surgeries and other conventional treatments.

The execution of these procedures is customized for each patient, thus requiring an interpretation of the clinical and the laboratory data to choose the ideal technique that must be performed by an experienced specialist. Therefore, all procedures must be guided, indicated and performed only by specialists properly certified.

• Founder of RAINTER®
• Interventional Radiologist and Angiorradiologist
• Full Member SOBRICE / CBR-AMB
• Doctor of Medicine from UNIFESP
• Preceptor of Interventional Radiology and Endovascular Surgery: UNIFESP, IAMSPE, Hospital Brigadeiro e HC Mandaqui – FIDI

Reviewer of Scientific Journals:

Cardiovascular Interventional Radiology European (CVIR)
Revista da Radiologia Brasileira (RB Official Journal – CBR)
United Scientific Health (MICR)

Corresponding Member:
CIRSE (Cardiovascular Interventional Radiology European)
APRI (Associação Portuguesa da Radiologia da Intervenção)
SIDI (Sociedad Iberoamericana de Interventionismo)

Academic Contribution to the Specialty:

Beyond the more than 3,500 endovascular procedures already performed, Dr. Vinicius has also contributed to the specialty, through preceptorship at UNIFESP and IAMSPE, Brigdeiro Transplant Hospital and HC Mandaqui; the direction of scientific meetings at DDI-UNIFESP; publication of scientific articles in international journals; authoring book chapters; as well as participant in national and international congresses.

Endereço atendimento: Av. Brig. Luís Antônio, 3097 cj. 1204 – Jd. Paulista – CEP 01401-000

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